OptoGripTM Near-Zero ClearanceTM Miniature Fiber Optic Positioner

The OptoGripTM provides a high-precision off-the-shelf solutions for your needs in positioning fiber optic fiber.

The Patent Pending OptoGrip Model OG-100 Near-Zero ClearanceTM manipulator provides a positive means for griping and positioning fibers with less than 90 microns clearance.

The Model OG-100 manipulator head is priced at $450.00
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The OptoGrip can be attached to virtually any manual or automated actuator and grips the fiber on the typical 125 micron glass outside diameter or on the 250 micron diameter buffer material. Gripping the fiber enables the fiber to be moved, positioned, or aligned. The miniature size of the gripper allows for manipulation of the fiber in very small volumes, and places were gripping and moving the fiber with a larger gripper would not be possible.

The OptoGrip has very low clearance, and allows for the fiber to be placed very low and close to a flat surface that is parallel to the fibers cylindrical axis; the fiber can be placed within 90 microns of a flat surface without interfering with the surface. Uses extend beyond picking up glass fiber. It can be used to pick up any small cylindrical object where the cylinder has a diameter on the order of 100 to 300 microns, and a length of at least 100 microns. An object with a square or rectangular cross section having dimensions on this order could also be manipulated.

Patent Pending